EnBridge PharmTech


Company Culture

To all of our great partners,

We are grateful to have you with us all the way!

Thank so many wonderful people we have cooperated and worked with.  

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to run our company.

Many fond memories will remain forever.

For a brilliant and splendid tomorrow, we work hard together! Hand in hand! Create a bright future together!

Our mission

Committed to healthy life, providing chemical materials through engaged heart and soul.

Our Vision

To satisfy customers with its integrity, to build “Enbridge” brand. To deliver high-quality chemicals to markets with extraordinary speed, flexibility, sustainability, speciality, and value.

Our Core Values

Make full use of our  knowledge and abilities.

Put ourselves in somebody else's position.

Take quick and correct action at all times.

Fulfill the mission and take responsibility.

Treat people with kindness and respect.

Trust each other and work as a team.

Work hard, be positive and cheerful.

Work conscientiously and happily.

Be grateful for everything.

Not stingy, be generous.


Patent-protected products are intended for research and development purposes only, and may not be sold in countries or regions where patent protection exists. The buyer assumes the risk and responsibility of patent infringement.

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