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2017 CPHI Frankfurt (Oct.24, 2017-Oct. 26,2017)

During CPHI Frankfurt (Oct.24, 2017-Oct. 26,2017), our company met our good clients and potential new clients there. We had a fruitful meets and we knew the clients' request well.

Really appreciate that all the clients visited us and hope our business is going well in the coming days.


In 2023 Jeff Dong Attended Marathon Twice (21.0975KM and 42.195KM)

In the year of 2023, Jeff Dong attended Marathon twice. He finished 21.0975KM and 42.195KM and got good score medals.

Cooperation between Enbridge and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Nanjing University

Professor Zuo and Professor Li work in State Key Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Nanjing University. They have excellent innovation ability and persistent research attitude.

Phytic Acid and Sodium Phytate Introduction

“High-quality products, cost-effective prices, best reputation and professional services” is the managing motto of our company. We are looking forward to making mutual benefit with all of our cooperators.

Yangshan Half Marathon-Exercises Keep You Healthy And Fit

Regular exercise and physical activity make us stay healthy, strong and many benefits for our body and brain.


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